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Random Idea Post #1

Every now and then I feel like a moment of brilliance strikes me and a random idea will come out of nowhere and pop into my head.  I've written these down on scraps of paper, in old notebooks, or pretty much what ever I have handy at the time.  The problem is, I'm pretty messy, and end up losing track of my stuff.  Now that I have this site, it makes sense to keep track of them here, starting with two ideas in this post. The side benefit is that they are out there for anybody to see, and also they may one day make their way to my projects page...

Build Lamp Observations

One of my most recent projects was to build a lava lamp build status indicator (check out: this page for more details on the project...). After doing some initial testing in my own lab, I decided to bring it into office.   The reactions I got were quite interesting.  

n00b Mistake

Last week I was starting up a new project at work, and after bouncing some ideas off a co-worker, I thought I had a great idea for implementing a portion of the project.  So off I went, headphones on, music blasting and coding away.  Compile.Test.Wait a sec...my perfect idea doesn't work!!!

Here's an overview of what I implemented: