Random Idea Post #1

Every now and then I feel like a moment of brilliance strikes me and a random idea will come out of nowhere and pop into my head.  I've written these down on scraps of paper, in old notebooks, or pretty much what ever I have handy at the time.  The problem is, I'm pretty messy, and end up losing track of my stuff.  Now that I have this site, it makes sense to keep track of them here, starting with two ideas in this post. The side benefit is that they are out there for anybody to see, and also they may one day make their way to my projects page...

My first idea came to me today when I was walking into my apartment after grocery shopping.  I had my headphones in and was listening to a song that I particularly enjoy.  In my apartment, I have a nice set of speakers hooked up to my computer that I like to listen to my music through.  So my idea is this: Have an app on my mobile phone (i.e iphone or android phone) that detects when I am home(via its geolocation service) or activates via a simple button push, send the current track information to another app on my PC, and have my PC start playing the song through its speakers.  I think this would be fairly straightforward, all the pieces seem to be there, and my PC should always have the song, since that's how the track gets on the mobile device in the first place.  It could also work in reverse; when I am listening to a song at home on my PC, that track could automatically start playing on my mobile device as soon as I head out.

My other idea also has to do with music on mobile devices.  I first thought of it when I was on my internship, when I would have to take the bus to and from work everyday.  A good portion of the people on the bus are listening to some kind of music player, and I've always wondered what people are listening to.  So my next potential app would allow the devices to communicate with one another their currently playing track, and allow me, or other users within close proximity to see what people are listening to.  I'll admit, not too useful, but I find it interesting, and you never know, you could potentially find out something interesting about the person next you, and who knows what could happen from there... :)