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NOTE: You may need to install the Collaborary to get the source and excecutable to run.

Click image to see a video of the Tune Sharing plugin in action.

Tune Sharing is a media item designed for the Community Bar. This item makes it easy for users of the Community Bar to share music with each other. With a simple drag and drop action, a user can share his or her favorite song with the group. The media item provides simple notifications of when a new song is added and it allows users to play and rate songs they or others have submitted.  

The executable is currently targetting a test client, and not the real Community Bar.  Also, the video is demonstrating the plugin in the test client.  Within the test client, master, slave 1 and slave 2 represent three unique Community Bar users.  Also, the Tune Sharing plugin treats all users the same, so the master/slave are just names and don't mean anything else.